– Balfegó is the leading company in fishing, studying, publicizing and marketing bluefin tuna

– The principal market for fresh Bluefin Tuna is the US, followed by Spain and Japan

A delegation from the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) in New York, a private US university specializing in Culinary Arts Education, visited the company Balfegó -a world leader in fishing, studying, publicizing and marketing bluefin tuna- with the aim of deepening their knowledge of the morphology of the species, to get to know the concept of sustainable fishing first-hand and discover its culinary value courtesy of our culinary experimentation team. Our commitment to sustainability, excellence and traceability -our principal corporate attributes- have earned our highly-valued product a privileged position in the more than 30 countries we export to, with the United States our main market followed by Spain and Japan.

The day began with a Kaitai, an ancient Japanese art consisting of quartering a complete fish. The one selected for this occasion was over 190Kg. and 2 meters long. Students were able to learn, by the hand of master cutter Nobuyuki Tajiri, each and every one of its parts: head meat, eyes, secret, cheek, chin, neck, belly, ossobuco, bone marrow, bone meat … Later, by the hand of the Balfegó Tunateca team -the first gastronomic space in the world dedicated to bluefin tuna- the students were able to savour the tuna meat by means of a tasting menu which illustrated the many flavours and textures of this gastronomic gem.

Balfegó: the world leader in the sustainable capture of bluefin tuna 

Balfegó is now in its fifth generation of bluefin tuna fishermen. Their fishing system, intended solely for this particular species, allows the size of the specimens to be delimited, so that the assigned quota by weight is reached with fewer fish. In fact, last season the average size was 135Kg. (the law allows them to be fished from 30Kg.), in such a way that we estimate that these specimens have completed their reproductive cycle during more than 10 years. Moreover, currently the Balfegó fleet is highly respected not only for its ecological efficiency (it does not trawl and damage the seabed) but also for its energy efficiency, with the least CO2 emitted per Kg. of fish caught in the Spanish state.

Once captured, the specimens are transported to caged pools off the coast at L’Ametlla de Mar (near Barcelona), where they are fed wild fish exclusively. They are extracted from the sea at their optimum low fat content, as customers stipulate, following a traceability system unique in the world. In this way, we provide a product of superior organoleptic characteristics and maximum quality guarantees for the consumer, both fresh and frozen, 365 days a year. Individual extraction of tuna guarantees a product free of stress, resulting in a meat that is optimum in every way. The best restaurants on the planet serve Balfegó red tuna.

Balfegó not only are engaged in fishing, harvesting and marketing of bluefin tuna: we have created an experience built round this species. A clear example is the Tunateca itself, the centre of experimentation and dissemination of bluefin tuna and the Tuna Tour, an experience that takes passengers aboard a catamaran to the pools where the tuna are feeding. Balfegó are also authors of books and guides on bluefin tuna in the Mediterranean and promoters of scientific conferences, in conjunction with universities and laboratories, with the aim of sharing and disseminating all our bluefin tuna knowledge.