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Balfegó tuna, cauliflower and caviar

Jonatan Yélamos, head chef at La Gaia* restaurant (Ibiza Gran Hotel *** GL -Ibiza), presented this recipe made with Balfegó bluefin tuna and its stock in the 2024 edition of We Are Facefood.



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Balfegó tuna, cauliflower and canviar

  • Cut very thin slices of cauliflower, leave them in cold water until ready to pass.
  • Txume: it has to have texture to be able to make points on top of the cauliflower mousse.
  • Cut belly salad into cubes, heat and reserve for assembling the dish.
  • Place the mousse on the base of the plate and when it is defrosted, place the topping on top.
  • Finish the dish by adding the soup to the center of the plate.


  • Toast the tuna bones in the oven at 200º, until well toasted.
  • Add the bones to a pot with the mirin, sake and water. Reduce its volume by 40%.
  • Add the sugar and soy, reduce the mixture by 20%.
  • Strain and reserve in the refrigerator.

Cauliflower mousse

  • Semi whip the cream and set aside.
  • Hydrate the gelatin sheets in very cold water.
  • Heat the cauliflower puree with the salt and tuna broth, melt the gelatin sheets in it.
  • When the puree is at approximately 26-28oC, add the cream with enveloping movements, without overdoing it so that it does not go down.
  • Fill the molds with 35 grams of mousse, tap a few times to make it smooth and freeze.
  • Place on the plate and let defrost in the chamber.

Mashed Cauliflower

  • Cut the cauliflower and wash it with plenty of water. We will cook in a pressure cooker without any water.
  • Pressure cooker cooking at 120 degrees for 40 minutes.
  • Grind in a thermomix and package in 1 kilo bags.

Cauliflower puree soup

  • Emulsify the cauliflower puree with the water and the Balfegó bluefin tuna stock, season with salt and pepper, it should have a soup-like texture.
  • Reserve in refrigerator.


Balfegó tuna, cauliflower and caviar

  • 5 gr Cauliflower : 2 gr
  • 1 pc Cauliflower mousse
  • 70 gr Diced Balfegó tuna belly
  • 2 gr Cauliflower puree
  • 30 ml Cauliflower puree soup
  • 2 gr Royal Caviar Imperial Osetra 00 (50 gr can)

Txume (7 L)

  • 10 l water
  • 1,2 L Shoda Soybeans (Yamasa)
  • 600 ml Honteri Mirin Mizcan Bottle
  • 1,2 L Sake Sho Chiku Bai 15%
  • 1 kg sugar
  • 1 kg Tuna bones and bone
  • 6 kg Fresh conger eel

Cauliflower mousse

  • 20 gr gelatin she