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Fifth-generation Balfegó fishermen

BALFEGÓ was founded in L’Ametlla de Mar, a traditional fishing village located northwest of the Mediterranean Sea, just over 62 miles from Barcelona. This is where our family first began fishing for bluefin tuna in the mid-nineteenth century.

However, it was not until the 1970s — our parent’s generation — that we began to specialise in seine fishing: a selective fishing technique that involves surrounding the tuna with a net that closes at the bottom. This technique is used to concentrate our fishing on the target species and even allows us to free fish that are smaller than 30 kg, which is the minimum weight allowed.

In keeping with our commitment to sustainable fishery, we only catch adult bluefin tuna, with an average age of 10 years. Bluefin tuna mature sexually at 4, so they are given at least 6 years of reproduction.

Once caught, the tuna are transferred from the net to transport tanks, which we use to move them alive to our marine facilities 2.5 miles off the coast of L’Ametlla de Mar.

This whole process happens between May and June, when the tunas — which live in the Atlantic throughout the rest of the year — enter the Mediterranean Sea to reproduce.

The bluefin tuna fishing process is carried out using vessels equipped with the latest technology, such as La Frau and Tio Gel, which are captained by the company’s presidents, Manel and Pere Vicent.

This fishery is subject to strict controls by ICCAT, the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas, which is responsible for ensuring the tuna’s sustainability and conservation.

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Our story

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Our values

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Excellence In addition to sustainability and traceability, another of our corporate values is the excellence of our products and our production processes.
Sustainability Our company has been investing heavily in tuna research for years now. Our R + D Department carries out various research, development and innovation projects related to fishery, the species and the quality of our products in collaboration with universities and scientific institutions. One of our top priorities is to ensure the survival of bluefin tuna for future generations.
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Balfegó’s traceability system is ground-breaking in the world of fishing. Using a mobile phone and the QR code that is provided with each serving, you can access information about the bluefin tuna that is being bought or tasted: the date of capture, weight, length or fat level, in addition to health, quality and environmental sustainability certificates.

We are pioneers in

Putting management and control measures into place to ensure the recovery of the species.

Electronically tracing individual tunas as well as each and every one of their parts.

Electronically managing catch documentation in all phases of fishing, transfer, caging, transformation and commercialisation.

Investing financial and human resources in bluefin tuna research.

Awards and recognition

2009 EBRENCA QUALITY AWARD For our clear commitment to our work and taking care of the environment.
2010 CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY For our management model based on efficiency, traceability and responsibility (UB).
2012 CAMARA PRIZE FOR INTERNATIONALISATION In the commerce sector to Balfegó & Balfegó SL (Tortosa Chamber of Commerce).
2012 CARLES FERRER SALAT To the best Catalan company for R + D.
2013 COMPANY OF THE YEAR For our business trajectory in the province of Tarragona (Col·legi d’Economistes de Tarragona/Tarragona College of Economists).
2014 EXCELLENCE IN SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT From the COETTC (Col·legi Oficial de Graduats Enginyers Tècnics de Telecomunicació/Official College of Graduate Technical Telecommunication Engineers).
2014 THE 100 BEST IDEAS OF THE YEAR From Actualidad Económica (Tuna, Tour Diving sections).
2014 TO INTERNATIONALITSATION In the logistics sector for Grup Air-Med SA, from the Reus Commerce Chamber.
2013 CCNIECC Marc Viader for innovation in food products. "Innovation in food".
2014 BARCELONA MEDITERRANEAN Mediterranean Diet Foundation.
2014 BEST SEA PRODUCT From the Tarragona Academy of Gastronomy.
2014 FOODS FROM SPAIN For fish production and aquafarming to Balfegó Tuna SL from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment.
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