Balfegó, the only wild bluefin tuna company maintained with environmental sustainability certification See certificate
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Balfegó is the fifth generation of fishermen from L’Ametlla de Mar, a town in the northwest Mediterranean Sea with a strong fishing tradition. In the 80s we decided to bet on bluefin tuna husbandry. After many years of effort, we have managed to transform the traditional fishing of this species to become the world's leading company in catching, feeding, studying and marketing bluefin tuna in accordance with an innovative and sustainable business system, both socially and environmentally.

We are a family business totally committed to people and the world we live in. Our history is one of constant improvement in which, thanks to our human team, have turned adversities into new opportunities.

The company we know today was created by Manel and Pere Vicent Balfegó, Montse Brull and Salomé Gaseni in 2002 with a single-minded purpose: to bring the best bluefin tuna to the best restaurants in the world.

Currently, the Balfegó company -present in more than 30 countries- employs more than 200 people directly and another 200 indirectly, faithful to its origins and its essence: honesty and proximity.

Our experience acquired over the years and our innovative nature has led us to be pioneers, both in the field of sustainability (certified by AENOR) and in technology. What motivates us is a spirit of continuous improvement, evolution, transparency and an unfaltering will to share this with others, showing that doing things correctly is the right way to go.

Moreover, we want to continue improving, not only by being the best bluefin tuna company in the world, but also being the best tuna company for the world itself. We want to make this journey together to fill kitchens with illusion, to share unique experiences, to savour and enjoy successes, and to continue building our dream.

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Our story

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Our values

COMMITMENT to our clients and to society at large, meeting their expectations in a sustainable way.

RESPONSABILITY that goes beyond strict compliance with laws and other obligations.

EFFICIENCY and continuous improvement to guarantee the maximum cost-effectiveness of the resources we use.

TRANSPARENCY towards consumers and society, by making the information they request public.

Our attributes

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Excellence Apart from sustainability and traceability, another of our corporate attributes is excellence in our product and in all our production processes.
Sustainability For many years, our company has made considerable investment in the field of research on the species and the product. In particular, we have a dedicated R&D department that carries out various research, development and innovation projects centred on the husbandry of the species and the quality of our product. We collaborate closely with universities and scientific institutions with the aim of guaranteeing the continuity of bluefin tuna for future generations.
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Balfegó's traceability system is a pioneer in the world of fish. With just a mobile phone and the QR code that is provided next to each serving. Whether you are a retail customer or and end consumer, you can access all the information about the bluefin tuna you are buying or tasting. You have instant access data such as the date and area of capture, weight, length and the fat level - as well as being able to view the health and quality certificates.

We are pioneers in

Making transfers of live tuna offshore in the Mediterranean.

Safeguarding bluefin tuna reproduction.

Proposing management and control measures for fishery at large.

Electronically tracing the tuna specimen individually and of each of its portions.

Electronically managing the catch documents in all phases of fishing, transfer, feeding, husbandry and transformation.

Marketing all parts of the bluefin tuna.

Promoting bluefin tuna research projects.