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Balfegó’s ground-breaking traceability process makes it possible to identify and individually accredit each of its tunas and each of its parts separately. It is an innovative, computerised and digital traceability management system that offers maximum transparency and guaranteed food safety. It is also essential for tackling fraud and the illegal trade of marine species and to measure the impact of these practices on the sustainability of the species.

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Using a mobile phone and the QR code that is provided with each serving, you can access information about the bluefin tuna that is being bought or tasted: the date of capture, weight, length or fat level, in addition to health, quality and environmental sustainability certificates.

A guarantee for restaurants, distributors and consumers

Our traceability system is a guarantee for restaurants, distributors and consumers in general. It provides everything you need to know about each piece of fish and demonstrates both our desire to be transparent, responsible and sustainable and our commitment to quality and scientific knowledge.
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