Balfegó, the only wild bluefin tuna company maintained with environmental sustainability certification See certificate
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GRUP BALFEGÓ, a company which catches, feeds, studies, processes and trades in bluefin tuna, focuses its quality, food safety and environmental management policy on meeting customer expectations sustainably and innovating in each of its processes thanks to a workforce committed to responsibility, self-control, transparency and continuous improvement.


  • To build loyalty by detecting and meeting customer needs.
  • To establish and foster a quality management system that guarantees innovation and efficiency in our processes and complies with the ISO 9001 standard.
  • To guarantee the food safety of our products by implementing a regularly reviewed HACCP plan, as the basis of a food safety management system in accordance with the requirements established by the FSSC22000 standard.
  • To establish and promote an environmental management system based on the ISO 14001 standard.
  • To make constant and continuous efforts to identify, characterise and reduce the environmental impact derived from our activities, with the aim of protecting the environment and preventing contamination.
  • To use resources rationally and reduce waste production.
  • To encourage and develop teamwork to improve efficiency in processes.
  • To guarantee compliance with legal requirements and any other requirement which affects the company.
  • To create a working environment that motivates the workforce so that they can develop their full potential and feel proud of their jobs.
  • To minimise accidents by encouraging a proactive attitude in risk prevention among the workforce.
  • To strengthen the relationship of cooperation and work with our suppliers and other stakeholders by integrating them into our quality management, food safety and environmental management system, while participating in their improvement.
  • To commit to social responsibility.

The management, who are committed to this policy, consider its principles as one of the cornerstones of their strategic management and will ensure its company-wide compliance.


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