Balfegó, the only wild bluefin tuna company maintained with environmental sustainability certification See certificate
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a leading company in catching, fishing, study, selling and distributing bluefin tuna, with a sustainable responsibility system that continuously exceeds customers’ expectations.

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Why is Balfegó considered the world’s best bluefin tuna?

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World leaders in commercialising fresh produce

We catch our fish between May and June. Once caught, the tuna go into our aquafarming facilities located 5 km away from L’Ametlla de Mar (Tarragona). This allows us to sell fresh, high-quality bluefin tuna that is totally unique, 365 days a year.

Optimal fat point

Balfegó is unique in measuring the fat percentage of each fish.

Our wild bluefin tuna is caught in the Western Mediterranean and then exclusively fed on blue fish. Our desire to achieve excellence in our products has led us to become the only company in the world that extracts tuna from the sea at its optimal fat point, by customer demand.

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Japanese Sacrifice Technique: ikejime

The bluefin tuna experience no stress or suffering during the sacrifice.

The individual extraction method and the Japanese ikejime slaughter technique we use ensure a stress-free product and superior quality tuna, used in the world’s best kitchens.

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A unique traceability system

Guaranteed transparency, sustainability and food safety.

Our traceability system is ground-breaking in the world of fishing. Using a mobile phone and the QR code that is provided with each serving, you can access information about the bluefin tuna that is being bought or tasted: the date of capture, weight, length or fat level, in addition to health, quality and environmental sustainability certificates. All of this is guaranteed for our clients.

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Sustainability and R + D + i

AENOR certificate for environmental sustainability.

Since our beginnings we have been committed to sustainability and respecting the environment. AENOR, a certification body operating in 90 different countries, has rewarded these efforts with a certification in environmental sustainability. Our R + D department has carried out various research, development and innovation projects related to fishery, the species and the quality of our products in collaboration with universities and scientific institutions.

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Our Bluefin Tuna

Every part of the tuna gets used, and it is often referred to as the ‘Iberian ham’ of the sea. Our research