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Profile Image Jaume Marambio

Crispy soy milk tatin with red prawn and cured and smoked bluefin tuna secret with kombu

Jaume Marambio, chef of the Alapar restaurant (Barcelona) and third winner of Chef Balfegó 2023, presents us with the exquisite dish he prepared for the competition using the secret of Bluefin Tuna.



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For the Spanish sauce

Bake the beef backbone and knee at 230 degrees.

Blanch the calf’s foot.

In a wide pot, we will mark the halved garlic with mild olive oil, then we will add the onion and carrot and sauté.

Lastly we will add the leek and when everything is well cooked and begins to stick, we will add the red wine and cook until the alcohol evaporates.

Add the bones and the blanched foot to the sauce and moisten with water to cover, about 10 liters.

Boil, skim and cook for 24 hours.

Strain, infuse with tuna fat for 30 minutes, reduce and make a demi glace texture and emulsify the fat.

For the crispy yuba

Mix the ingredients with the help of a blender and bring to a boil.

Let it rest for at least 12 hours in the refrigerator.

Stretch the dough into 6 cm diameter circular molds on a silpat and bake at 170 degrees for 17 minutes.

Remove from the tray with the help of a pastry spatula and store in airtight tupperware.

For the kombu powder

Burn the seaweed with the help of a blowtorch and once it is completely burned, put it through a coffee grinder and then keep it in a duster.

For the miso onion butter

Crush the poached onion and mix with the white miso.

Mix with the tempered butter and beat with the help of a mixer.

Reserve in pastry bags with a round nozzle.

For the tuna secret

Trim the small part of fat from the secret, marinate with salt for 15 minutes.

Wash, dry well and coat in kombu powder.

Smoke in the charcoal oven with the flues closed and cold for 30 minutes.

Leave on a rack to cure in the refrigerator for 24 hours.

Reserve in parchment paper and tightly covered in the refrigerator, so as not to lose the aroma.

For the red shrimp

Peel the shrimp and clean the intestines, then cut into sashimi.

Reserve at room temperature until serving.

For the dashi

Bring the water to 60 degrees, add the kombu and katsuobushi, cover and infuse for 1 hour.

Strain and reserve.

For the tosazu

Combine all the ingredients and heat to 60 degrees, add the katsuobushi and infuse, covered, for 1 hour.

Strain and reserve cold.

For tosazu quince jam

Mix the tosazu and agar cold with the help of a wh