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Oyster, caviar and Thai air

Lara Roguez, chef of the Abarike restaurant and finalist of Chef Balfegó 2021, prepares an exceptional recipe with THAI bluefin tuna stock: Oyster, caviar and Thai air.



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Oyster, caviar and Thai air

  1. We open the oyster, take it out and clean it in seawater to eliminate impurities.
  2. We place it with the belly facing up in its own shell and removing the muscle from the shell.
  3. We emulsify the slightly tempered Thai red tuna stock with the lecithin until we get a dense air.
  4. On the oyster we place 6 small cubes of tuna belly, we will look for the leanest part of the belly to achieve a buttery texture, we accompany it with some osetra caviar roe.
  5. We nap with the air and decorate with sea alder flowers.


Oyster, caviar and Thai air

  • 1 bottle Bluefin tuna Thai stock
  • 1 tablespoon Soy Lecithin
  • 2 anchovies cured in butter
  • Balfegó Bluefin Tuna Belly
  • Osetra caviar
  • 4 Eo River variety oysters of number 1
  • Sea alder flowers

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