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Tuna belly with confit vegetables



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The brine

Place half of the water in a saucepan and when it boils, remove it from the heat and add the salt. Mix well until the salt has dissolved and add the rest of the water. Let cool and reserve in a container in the refrigerator.

The tuna belly

Clean and remove the skin and excess fat from the tuna belly. Cut into pieces of 100 g each, making sure they are 2 centimeters thick. Leave the portions of tuna belly for 4 minutes in the brine, remove them and dry them well. We pack each tuna belly in 100% vacuum packaging, with 10 g virgin olive oil. Cook them in the Roner at 55 °C for 3 minutes. We take them out of the bag and lightly sear them on oak embers. Let them rest for 1 minute in the salamander and cut them into slices half a centimeter thick.

The marinated vegetables

Wash the radishes well and dry them. With a mandoline slicer we cut thin slices 1 millimeter thick and vacuum pack them 100% with Chardonnay vinegar. Open the packaging bag, remove the slices and set aside.

Clean the carrots well of dirt and impurities. Slice them lengthwise, 1 mm thick, using a mandoline slicer or a cold-cut slicing machine. Place the slices in a vacuum bag together with the citrus vinegar and pack at 100%. We open the vacuum bag and reserve them.

Cut the asparagus tips (3 cm long) and pack them in a 100% vacuum bag. We Roner cook them for 4 minutes at 90 °C. Cool them in an inverted bain-marie with plenty of ice. Open the bags, remove the asparagus and place them in a small bowl to soak them in Chardonnay vinegar. After 8 minutes, separate them from the vinegar and set aside.

We slice the zucchini 1 mm thick and place it inside a vacuum bag together Chardonnay vinegar and vacuum pack it at 100%. Open the bag, remove the slices and set aside. Peel the beet and make 1 mm thick slices. We place them in a vacuum bag together with the Chardonnay vinegar and pack at 100%. Open the bag, remove the slices and set aside.

Put the cleaned shallots with their skin on, in a pot with water. Bring to a boil and remove them. Peel and cut them in half, vacuum-pack them with the agraz at 100% and leave them to infuse for 5 minutes,  Next, open the bag, remove the shallots and set them aside.

Separate the cauliflower florets with the tip of a knife. We vacuum-pack them with 1 part of Chardonnay vinegar and half of water. Bake at 90 °C for 7 minutes. We cool them in an inverted bain-marie, remove them from the bag and set aside.

Cut the shallot in brunoise, mix with the Chardonnay vinegar and set aside. Clean the leek and use only the white part. Cut circles of 1 centimeter. We place them in a vacuum bag with the Chardonnay vinegar, the water and pack it at 100%. We cook it for 4 minutes at 100 C° and cool quickly.

Open the bag, remove the slices and set aside. Blanch the peas in plenty of water and salt for 10 seconds, cool quickly and set aside.

Yuzu marmalade

In a cold-cut slicer, make thin slices of yuzu. Next, cut them in julienne strips and then in brunoise. Place the yuzu brunoise in a saucepan with the same weight of sugar and cook over low heat until a marmalade texture is obtained. Set the mixture aside.

Fried capers

Dry the capers from the brine very well on absorbent paper. We place them in a saucepan on the fire with sunflower oil until it reaches 180 °C and fry the capers until they are crispy. They should be opened as if they were flowers. We set them aside

Caper puree

Crush the preserved capers with their juice and reserve in a bowl.

Lemon albedo

Add the 500 g of water with the 100 g of sugar and the lemon albedo. We boil it and let it cool. Repeat this operation 4 times and finally reserve the albed