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#News • 9 March 2022

Balfegó Tuna: from the Mediterranean directly to the US

Balfegó has achieved the role of a leading company in the commercialization of Mediterranean bluefin tuna. We’re currently focused on exports, specifically to the US and Japan.

A large part of our success is due to the fact that we are the only company that can offer a fresh, high-quality product like Balfegó bluefin tuna anywhere around the world while ensuring the success of the entire supply chain.

Balfegó in Barcelona, the only company that sells bluefin tuna year round


In the fishing world, we’ve been able to achieve our vision and evolve into what we consider the new, 3.0 version of fishing. 

For more than 5 generations, we’ve been dedicated to bluefin tuna and our hard work has allowed us to sell fresh bluefin tuna 365 days a year with both a consistent quality and at market price. We’re in charge of the entire process: from capturing and keeping the tuna alive to feeding them, sacrificing them, and selling them until they reach the final customer.

family balfegoBalfegó’s family

Balfegó Keys to Success for the International Sale of Sustainable Bluefin Tuna


1. Pioneering Fishing Model

We fish between May and June, which is when the tuna come to the Mediterranean to reproduce. We get close with our fleet and fish using the fencing technique, which allows us to capture the ideal Thunnus thynnus fish to transfer them, alive, to our 2.5 nautical mile-long facilities on the east of L’Ametlla de Mar (Tarragona, Spain). It is an area divided into 10 plots fenced by nets in an area where the waters receive the nutrients that the Ebro river sends to the sea through the Delta and where we feed the tuna exclusively with blue fish, like the mackerel or sardine.