¿do you know the origin of your Balfegó tuna?

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why Balfegó

the reasons for choosing Balfegó bluefin tuna




The first dorsal fin is yellowish or bluish color.

The second is reddish or brownish and higher than the first.

The head is large, and the eyes, compared with the rest of tuna, are small.

The body of bluefin tuna is fusiform, long, rounded and covered with scales . It is the largest species among túnids and can get 3 meters in length and weight 600kg The structure of your body is prepared for efficient swimming.

The pectoral fins are very short.

The back is deep blue and silvery white belly.

The caudal fin has an arc.

The anal fin and pinnules are dark yellow , fringed with white.

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nutritional composition of bluefin tuna, contribution per 100g

energy: 226kcal
amount of fat: 15g
protein: 23g
cholesterol: 48mg
potassium: 280mg
vitamin B3: 17,05mg
iodine: 50mg
vitamin B6: 0,5mg
sodium: 43mg
vitamin B12: 0,2mg
selenium: 190μg
vitamin A: 60μg
phosphorus: 60μg: 28mg
folic acid: 15μg
magnesium: 28mg
vitamin D: 4,5μg