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#News • 15 February 2022

Mediterranean bluefin tuna is an example of the sustainability plan’s success

Balfegó, boasting an environmental sustainability certificate, has always led by example, proposing innovative control measures and acting as the world’s spokesperson on how North Atlantic and Mediterranean bluefin tuna fishing should be managed.

Good news for chefs and diners: the measures established by ICCAT to preserve bluefin tuna have been successful.

At Balfegó, we are celebrating our dedication to bluefin tuna sustainability which has led us, together with large institutions, to implement different measures that guarantee the wellbeing of the species and its preservation for future generations. It’s clear that the key to recovery is in the application of these measures, which we are celebrating at Balfegó, world leaders in the fresh marketing of Mediterranean bluefin tuna. 



The Red List of Endangered Species’s update confirms that Mediterranean bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus) has moved to a status of ‘in recovery’, unlike Thunnus maccoyii which remains ‘endangered’, and Thunnus orientalis ‘near endangered’.

Thunnus thynnus: Mediterranean bluefin tuna vs. Gulf of Mexico’s bluefin tuna


It’s important to differentiate the Mediterranean’s bluefin tuna, which has completely recovered, from the species native to the Gulf of Mexico (Atlantic bluefin tuna), which, unfortunately, has decreased more than 50% in the last decade and is in a fragile situation.

The origin of and way to fish this Thunnus thynnus species makes the difference when it comes to choosing a sustainable fish to include in our responsible gastronomy proposal;