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Tiradito Balfego Ventresca (belly) | “Sangacho Curado” | Watermelon | Ají Dulce | Avocado | Chicharrón | Onions | Cucumber | Coriander

We share the recipe made with Balfegó bluefin tuna belly that Francesco d'Agostino presented at Koch des Jahres, one of the most prestigious gastronomic competitions for chefs in Germany.



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Tradito tuna belly

Prepare a brine from salt and sugar in a pot and allow to cool. Then place the tuna in the cold brine for 30 minutes, then dry the tuna and refrigerate. When serving, just cut the tuna into thin slices.


Sangacho ham

In a saucepan, boil the water with salt and sugar to make a brine, then leave to cool. In another step, roast the seeds and chilli and mix until smooth, then set aside. Vacuum-pack the tuna in the brine and leave to rest for 24 hours. After this time, remove the tuna, dry it and marinate it with the ground spices and coriander. Then wrap it in the cloth and dry it in the dehydrator at 55 °C for about 72 hours. Then vacuum seal everything and store in a cold place.

Smoked watermelon

Cut the watermelon into large cubes to get square slices (about 3×3 cm). Put the portions aside, because you will need the juice for the brine and the watermelon emulsion. Now press the watermelon slices into the dynamic centrifuge.
Then boil 30 ml of melon juice with balsamic vinegar, soy, salt and sugar and vacuum-seal the watermelon slices for about one hour. Finally, take the watermelon out and cold-smoke it for about 2 hours and then refrigerate it.

Watermelon emulsion

Mix all the ingredients together except the oils, then strain. Slowly emulsify the juice with the oils, then refrigerate.

Ají dulce mayonnaise

Mix the whole egg, salt, mustard, vinegar and ají paste until smooth. Now slowly add the vegetable oil to make a mayonnaise. Finally, season with lemon juice and refrigerate.

Avocado puree

Blend all the ingredients together to obtain a fine puree. Fill it into piping bags and refrigerate.

Puffed pork skin

Heat the fat in a saucepan at 180 °C. Fry the dried skin and season with salt and curry. Dry store everything.

Pickled onions

Bring all the ingredients, except the onions, to a boil in a saucepan. Cut the onions into julienne and add them to the boiling vinegar water, then cover the pot and set aside. Refrigerate.