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#News • 26 August 2021

A swim with a tuna feast

Five generations of fishermen endorse the legacy of one of the most established tuna companies in our country. Balfegó, a company from L’Almetlla de Mar, opens the doors of its universe to the Repsol Guide, both in the water and on land. The first through snorkeling, diving and the art of fishing. The second, at ‘Tunateca‘, its restaurant in the heart of Barcelona, a sanctuary for bluefin tuna that marches to the beat of its own drum.

Long, long ago, a tuna spotted the warmest shores on the planet to lay its eggs. Some ended up in the Gulf of Mexico, others in Japan, some others in Australia, and finally, those who chose the Mediterranean. “In the market the most valued is the latter.” This comes from Joan Grau, head of marketing  and communication at Balfegó. Five generations of fishermen tell the story of this family with roots in L’Ametlla de Mar, 40 minutes drive from Tarragona.
Piscina Balfegó
His purse seine technique gathers tuna in pools in the sea itself.

“In the 80s, cousins Pere Vicent and Salomé, together with Montse and Manel, joined forces to establish the company.” At the time they started selling all of their tuna to Japan, but in 2007 bluefin tuna fishing was regulated. “There was overexploitation of this animal, so some limits were set. While bluefin tuna is considered sexually mature at 25 kilos or more, the regulations established that it could be caught from 30 kilos. We catch it when it weighs 150 kilos, around 10 years old”. The objective: to fish within the assigned limits, but with the least number of tuna possible. &