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#News • 7 January 2022

Balfegó launches a new gastronomic challenge to raise awareness about sustainability in restaurants

With the slogan ‘Be the change you want to see’, the Balfegó campaign seeks to raise awareness, to spark a moment of reflection so that, companies and chefs can assess what they can do to contribute next year in terms of sustainability and put this into practice through specific projects and initiatives.

Ekaitz Apraiz, chef and manager of Tunateca Balfegó, was the first participant in the challenge, launching his commitment to continue working on a Zero Waste target. “At Tunateca we weigh whatever fish is left in order to reduce the amount of waste and we work on using of all parts of the tuna,” says Ekaitz.


On his part, the goal of Jeroni Castell, chef at Les Moles, for 2022 is “to expand the biodynamic sector and continue working on other sustainable projects such as installing solar panels. We want to be part of the change and invest more and more in sustainability and responsible management”. Another example is Rafael Muria, from Quatre Molins, who has introduced an ozone machine for cleaning, thus avoiding the use of chemical products.

For this campaign, Balfegó has developed interactive videos, which explain various concepts of sustainability and the environment and the key points and reasons behind the initiative. “As the campaign says, inspiring others is a gift and a responsibility because the decisions you make will be the legacy you leave behind and chefs can be leaders who lead the way,” says Juan Serrano, CEO of Balfegó.

CTA: Tell us your sustainable goal for 2022

 Balfegó Indigo Club

Balfegó, a company specialized in fishing, aquaculture and trade of Atlantic and Mediterranean bluefin tuna, launched Indigo, a new approach to relations with customers and with its community of chefs around the world, in order to create the largest group dedicated to the gastronomic values of bluefin tuna. The initiative initially brought together more than 3,000 national and international catering establishments.

The new Balfegó Indigo Club is based on communication and shared knowledge about bluefin tuna and aims to be a collaborative space geared towards experimentation and, consequently, innovation and creativity with this species.

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