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#News • 6 March 2024

Discover the responsible, conscious and sustainable use of the energy we consume at Balfegó Grup

Today, March 6,  we celebrate World Energy Efficiency Day, a day that represents another opportunity to promote the responsible, conscious and sustainable use of the energy we consume in all our productive activity.

We are proud to say that all Balfegó Grup’s energy is certified of renewable origin. For four years now, our electricity contracting has required certification of the origin of the energy injected into the network. That is, we committed to ensuring that the economic resources allocated to electricity are directed to facilities that produce all of the energy we consume with 100% renewable energy.

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Furthermore, from the Innovation and Sustainability department we work daily to identify improvements in our energy efficiency:

  1. We monitor the electricity consumption of each ship monthly and measure efficiency, that is, how much energy we consume per ton of processed tuna or fish to feed the stored tuna.
  2. We measure the mileage of corporate vehicles, so we can calculate reductions in emissions into the atmosphere and compare the dynamics of use of electric vehicles with those powered by fossil fuels.
  3. Once a month, we also do reviews to all the facilities, thanks to this operational control, we identify incidents in environmental aspects and in the responsible use of electricity such as empty rooms with lights and/or heating on, computer screens or other electronic devices on without use, floodgates of open chambers without need, etc.

Moreover, so far this fiscal year, with the actions to replace electric vehicles, the installation of photovoltaic panels and the contracting of renewable energy, we have avoided emitting 309.09 Tons of Carbon dioxide.

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At Balfegó Grup we invite you to continue making efficient use of electricity and to prioritize electric vehicles over fuel vehicles, as well as look for other initiatives that promote energy efficiency.

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