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#News • 21 June 2021

FACYRE recognizes Balfegó’s commitment to sustainability with the Cubí award

5th edition of the FACYRE awards for gastronomic excellence


Balfegó, a company specialized in fishing, aquaculture and marketing of bluefin tuna, has earned a spot the in the list of Cubí award winners in the Sustainability category. This is one of the eleven awards given since 2016 by the Federation of Associations of Chefs and Bakers of Spain, FACYRE, to recognize the work of people and entities that promote Spanish gastronomy, whether or not they are linked to the sector.

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Juan Serrano, CEO of Balfegó, was presented with an award that, according to him, “highlights the pillars on which Balfegó is based, which are: the commitment to our customers and society in general, meeting expectations in a sustainable way; responsibility, beyond strict compliance with laws and obligations; efficiency, because the resource we work with deserves an attitude of improvement to ensure profitability and transparency, giving consumers and society in general much more information than what is required by law”.

1 Premios Cubí FACYRE

Serrano also took the opportunity to reflect on the importance of all the actors in the value chain in identifying unlawful practices, because “if fishermen, distributors, restaurants and consumers were to become aware of the importance of caring for the sea and fishing resources, we could achieve sustainability. And for this, we must go far beyond the regulations and value the work of all those actors fully committed to a better world.”

The event, presented by the journalist and presenter of Informativos Telecinco, José Ribagorda, took place at the Wellington Hotel in Madrid and was attended by personalities from the world of gastronomy.

Along with Balfegó, the chef Lucio Blázquez, “Lifetime Achievement and Professional Dedication Award”; Fermín Bohórquez, “Agrifood Promotion Award”; the journalist Marián García, “Award for the Dissemination of Gastronomy and Science” and Leo Harlem, among others, also received awards.

This award is in addition to the one received by Balfegó less than a month ago: the Distinction “Commitment to Sustainable Tourism in Destination Barcelona Biosphere”, which was awarded by the Responsible Tourism Institute (ITR), and which declares two of the group’s star initiatives “safe, sustainable and resilient”: Tunateca, the restaurant and gastronomic experimentation center, and Tuna Tour, the tourism initiative where you can swim with tuna and learn about the culture of bluefin tuna, and the AENOR certifier for environmental sustainability.

For Balfegó, “receiving this distinction for sustainability from Facyre is a true endorsement of our bluefin tuna philosophy and recognition of the quality of our product, awarded by the most renowned chefs in Spanish restaurants, which encourages us to continue working, researching and promoting new initiatives, always based on bluefin tuna”.

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