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#News • 3 March 2022

Balfegó Brings the Kaitai Ceremony Around the World

Kaitai is the ancient Japanese art that consists of the precise cutting of bluefin tuna weighing more than 100kg. This Japanese style of cutting bluefin tuna is a technique that has been passed down from generation to generation and requires practice and study.

1 Portada Anuga 3

After years of trips to the East led by our Japanese teacher Tajiri Nobuyuki, various kitchen team members at Balgefó have acquired Kaitai knowledge from the hands of incredible Japanese teachers. It’s a choreographed art in which the bluefin tuna is cut while the characteristics and specificities of the species are detailed and some of the most surprising parts of the bluefin tuna are tasted, such as, for example, the marrow and the bone meat. It’s a sensory and didactic journey through the different parts of the tuna with a tasting menu that Balfegó takes to any corner of the world.

Kaitai, the Japanese Art of Cutting Tuna that Balfegó has Learned through our Work with the Bluefin Tuna of the Mediterranean

This Balfegó initiative has the goal of spreading awareness of the importance of the actions that we develop around bluefin tuna. We turn a Kaitai ceremony into a bluefin tuna outreach event and provide data on the morphology and life habits of the king of the sea; we also try to ensure our tracking system can be accessed by both chefs and consumers and this allows us to certify each piece of tuna that has been captured according to sustainable fishing regulations. 

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As a leading company in the commercialization of sustainable bluefin tuna, we bet on spreading the qualities and versatility of one of the most treasured fish in the restaurant industry by both restaurant owners and chefs. We also explain each of the processes that correspond to each stage from the sea to the table and we tell our story, the story of Balfegó that is connected to bluefin tuna. 

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