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Bluefin tuna in our surroundings

Chef Cristobal Muñoz, finalist of Chef Balfegó 2021, presents a recipe that highlights the exquisite essence of blue fin tuna.



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Blue fin tuna and pollen

Cut cubes of blue fin tuna loin with a size of  2 cm x 2 cm. Keep refrigerated until further marinating.

Pollen garum

To make the pollen garum, all the ingredients should be crushed together. We then mature it in a fermentation jar at 60 ºC for 3 weeks. Finally, we filter and decant.

Pollen teriyaki

For the pollen teriyaki, all the ingredients should be ground together until a smooth mixture is obtained. Then marinate in it the blue fin tuna cubes during 10 minutes.

Alginate bath

To prepare the Alginate bath, both ingredients must be blended in the Thermomix for 10 minutes at maximum speed. Let stand until its use.

La Bañeza bean base

To prepare the La Bañeza bean base, the beans must be hydrated for 12 hours. Then place the hydrated beans with the rest of the ingredients and cook for 50 minutes in a pressure cooker. Finally remove the seasoning vegetables and separate the beans and cooking broth.

Bean gnocchi

To prepare the bean gnocchi, blend the previous mixture at maximum speed in Thermomix for 5 minutes. Rectify salt and pass through a fine chinois. Next, we add the eel chopped in brunoise to the bean mixture. We reserve the mixture in a piping bag with smooth nozzle no. 15. We continue to pour strips of the mixture into the alginate base and cut small gnocchi with scissors. Let stand in the alginate base for 1 minute Finally we wash the gnocchi in different baths and preserve them in Iberian ham fat.

Pollen tile

To make the pollen tile, all the ingredients except the oblate must be unified in the Thermomix. Set temperature 70 ºC, speed 6. When the mixture reaches 70 ºC we will gradually add the oblate. Once everything has been added, the mixture should be ground at maximum speed for 10 minutes. Next, we spread the mixture on a silpat tray and overlap the two slices of oblate. Dehydrate in oven at 100 ºC without ventilation for 30 minutes. Continue by raising the temperature to 120 ºC for 20 minutes. Remove and hot cut a thin sheet of 9 cm x 1 cm. Finally, sprinkle with the previously crushed pollen and preserve it with silica gel until the moment of its use.

Ham consommé

To prepare the ham consommé, all the ingredients must be bottled and cooked at 70ºC for 12 hours. We finish by filtering the broth and reserve until it is time to serve it on the plate.


We laminate the jowl with the help of a slicer and then cut it into 2 cm x 2 cm cubes. We select flowers and buds and keep them refrigerated until the moment of serving.


To plate the dish we start by placing the marinated Balfegó blue fin tuna loin cubes in a perfectly balanced way and cover them with tempered jowl slices. Between them we place the La Bañeza bean and eel gnocchi. We cover it with a crisp pollen topping and herbs from our environment. Finally, we cover the base with the ham consommé.

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Blue fin tuna and pollen

  • 300 g Balfegó blue fin tuna loin

Pollen Garum

  • 200 g pollen
  • 40 g koji
  • 60 g mineral water
  • 12 g salt

Pollen teriyaki

  • 75 g soy sauce
  • 30 g rice vinegar
  • 14 g brown sugar
  • 12 g garlic
  • 14 g ground ginger