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Profile Image Alejandro Pérez Polo

Grilled tuna marrow, pickled carrots and basil, tuna roe

Alejandro Pérez Polo, winner of Chef Balfegó 2021, teaches us how to prepare a unique dish: grilled tuna marrow, carrot and basil marinade, ''tuna roe''.



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Tuna bone marrow

The first thing to do to prepare tuna marrow is to clean it. Then we brush it with tuna fat and grill it until a Maillard is produced and it is well browned (the marrow should be coagulated). Let it stand and cut into 3 pieces.

Tuna consommé

To prepare the tuna consommé, clean and toast the bones in a dry oven at 200 ºC with as little fat as possible for approximately 25 minutes.
Then place them in a pan and cover them with water. We then let it boil very mildly for 30 minutes. Finally, we strain and reserve.

Dashi broth

To cook the dashi broth, heat half a liter of broth, without boiling, and add aromatic ingredients without heat (katsoubushi, keffir lime, lemon grass and ginger). We then film and reserve.

Pickled carrots

To prepare the pickled carrots, peel, wash and chop the vegetables in brunoise and sauté them without letting them get too much color. Then add the vinegars together with the oregano and cumin. Let the alcohol evaporate until almost dry; then add the “Tío Pepe” wine. As with the vinegars, we let the alcohol evaporate. Then, we moisten it with the tuna broth and let it boil to reduce a little. We then remove it from the heat and add the carrot smoothie. We let stand for 10-15 minutes and then strain through a fine sieve and emulsify the ginger oil together with the xanthan using a blender. Cool quickly. We set aside the mixture.

Plating the dish

In a small deep dish, place 3 pieces of tuna marrow lightly seasoned with the fat from the grilled tuna, distribute the roe and pickled carrots around the plate, and top it off with basil oil and tiny basil sprouts.

With this dish we want to restore the value of the less noble parts of the product, in this case the marrow of the tuna, a part that is normally discarded by the vast majority.

It perfectly represents our cuisine, Bardal’s cuisine, where few elements convey a lot.

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Tuna bone marrow

  • 4 kg of tuna marrow

Tuna fat

  • 200 g of tuna fat
  • 100 ml sunflower oil

Tuna consommé

  • 1 l water
  • 1 kg tuna bones

Dashi broth

  • 500 ml tuna broth
  • 1 unit keffir lime leaf
  • 35 g ginger
  • 25 g lemon grass
  • 8.4 g katsoubushi

Carrot smoothie

  • 4.5 kg carrot

Pickled carrots

  • 8 units garlic
  • 125 ml olive oil
  • 575 g fresh scallions
  • 100 g fresh ginger
  • 1.5 liter carrot smoothie
  • 150 ml carrot smoothie
  • 150 ml rice vinegar
  • 150 ml sherry vinegar
  • 300 ml “Tio Pepe” fine wine
  • 500 ml tuna consommé
  • 7 g oregano
  • 0.8 g cumin
  • 250 ml ginger oil
  • 2 g xanthan

Trout roe marinated in dashi broth

  • 150 g trout roe
  • 250 ml dashi broth

Basil oil

  • 750 g sunflower oil
  • 350 g scalded basil
  • Tiny basil shoots

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