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#News • 6 July 2020

Eating sustainable and quality fish has never been so easy

“Fish is one of the healthiest protein sources that we can include in our diet, and it is an essential part of the Mediterranean Diet and of our varied gastronomic culture.

During the lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, both fishmongers and fishing companies remained close to consumers, helping them to be able to continue buying this food even in hard times. For this they developed channels that have been little used until now, such as sales by telephone and online buying.

A good example is the company Balfegó, specialized in fishing, aquaculture and trade of bluefin tuna, which launched its online store in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis to bring its bluefin tuna to individuals throughout the peninsula, which from the beginning stood out for having a seal of sustainability, traceability and nutritional and health guarantee.

Regarding traceability, it should be noted that Balfegó has a pioneering process that allows each of its tuna and its parts to be individually identified and accredited. In addition to this, its customers can also obtain certificates attesting to the quality, microbiological analysis and fat percentage of the products purchased and the final consumer can find out how far the tuna has travelled from the sea to table.

This system, in addition to offering a guarantee of the maximum quality, makes it possible to certify that the tuna has been caught according to the regulations that guarantee the continuity of the species, respecting the limits established by the relevant international organizations.

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Now, as we are returning to normality, and after a successful fishing season, it retur